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irene performing happiness.

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1. This is a real photo. It was not photoshopped

2. According to a fellow friend, judging from their schedule and Hee’s hairstyle, it is said that this was during mid-June and not his recent Busan trip

3. This is Heechul’s profile picture for a SNS he uses. He recently changed to this picture. But I will NOT be revealing his ID as a form of respect to his privacy. Regarding to how I got it, I got it from a fellow friend too. So, don’t ask me for the ID, I will NOT answer you

4. Regarding whether I should post it or not, since it is private, this was the profile pic so it can be viewed by non-friends. So, to those who accused saying that i should not share something private, I’m sure Heechul knows what he is doing. If he uploads as something that can be seen by public, it should be a green light to share


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red velvet backstage at music shows

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Beautiful Bae Joohyun today

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